Best Places to Order Checks Online in [2020]

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You may not know that your bank is not the best place to order a check. If you need additional checks in the market, but don’t want to pay for the dough, you may want to search for options online.

In addition to saving money, you will also find more custom checks and useful attachments. When conducting research, I ensure that safety is my top priority. Since entering your personal banking information can put pressure on you, I only trust companies that can win my trust.

I also checked the costs, customization, and customer service of the company I evaluated because they are also important factors. If you want to save some money when buying a check, I have looked at the best place to order a check online.

1.Check Advantage

Check Advantage has been around since 2001, offering customers unique original designs exclusively licensed by top photographers and graphic artists. While the company offers around 2500 design choices, you won’t come across famous cartoon characters in it. In addition to checks, Check Advantage also sells security strips and various supplies, including 7-ring check binders, check envelopes, and pre-inked stamps. It meets the safety requirements of CPSA and has an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau.

2.Checks Unlimited

Checks Unlimited has built a reputation for its excellent anti-fraud security features. However, compared to other check print companies, it doesn’t offer a wealth of design options. Checks Unlimited meets all CPSA security requirements and offers companies affordable options, especially for repeat customers and customers who order in large quantities.

Checks Unlimited also offers a host of other business essentials, including one-page address labels, covers, address stamps, and RFID wallets, which can protect your checks from electronic theft, allowing thieves to obtain your banking information

3. offers over 600 unique designs, excellent security features, competitive prices, and free shipping. For those who buy multiple boxes, it also has many attractive promotional offers.

The company can also make checks based on your personal photos. If the business inspection is required, you will be directed to one of the company’s affiliate sites.

All inspections are in accordance with the CPSA safety regulations. The company offers a variety of check formats, including double checks, top checks, and side checks.

Main Considerations When Ordering Online

You may have noticed that the frequency of exhaustive checks may not be as high as before. In fact, you are not alone. Over the years, the use of checks as a payment system (even payslips) has fallen sharply.

According to a Federal Reserve Board report, checks were used in 2012 for transactions of less than 20 billion transactions. In 2000, checks were used for more than 40 billion transactions. Not surprisingly, when you can easily transfer money or use cash or credit to purchase items, a check is considered a slow and clumsy payment option.

However, controls are still a viable and necessary part of our lives. Not every company accepts credit cards or electronic payments. For bills like rent or utilities, checks may be the safest payment method. Therefore, when you finally run out of checks, you can order a box from the bank to avoid being shocked at the good price.

Fortunately, the best place to order covers you. Ordering checks online is quick and easy, and you can even enjoy all the options for personalized checks. Keep in mind that if you decide to do business with these companies, your confidential banking information will be shared with these companies. Therefore, before trying it, keep in mind the following points:


Providing your personal banking information to an online check printing company is a serious decision. When you decide to buy a product online, you should treat it as serious. If you don’t trust your website, start your business elsewhere.

Always search the FAQ section and read the opinions of other customers. Know what customers have to say to the company you are considering using in the past and can make a difference when choosing a reliable printer.

As long as you order from a reputable company, even the best online check printing company also meets the security standards set by CPSA (Check Payment System Association). These features include special security paper and other features, a treatment method that allows people to produce stains when trying to chemically change checks, and clear security features.

An easy way to determine if you want to order a check from a reputable company is that the company’s products meet basic safety standards, which is a small padlock icon in the ‘Amount’ box to the right of the check. In any case, you know that the check and the company itself have been checked by CPSA.

2. Cost

If you collect a check from a bank, you get nervous, remember that banks usually don’t print their own checks. They can send them to third parties. If you skip the middleman, you can save a few dollars. Unless you are a senior member of a bank, you may have to pay more bank checks. Some bank charges are very affordable for a box of checks, and if you want to customize them to your liking, you can pay extra.

When you order a check online, you can easily save a third of the cost of the check instead of a third of what you spend in the bank. Large stores like Walmart can print checks online for cheap. Such stores usually offer special discounted membership plans and you can save an additional 10% or even 20% off in these plans.

3. Customer Services

Preferred pricing helps, but you also need to make sure that if there is a problem or question, someone has to solve it in time. You may be concerned about ordering financial instruments over the internet, and of course, you need to take common-sense measures to protect your banking information. The good news is that CPSA security features and other advanced fraud prevention measures work. According to a survey by the American Bankers Association (ABA), the check security feature prevented 85% of fraud attempts in 2014.

By taking all these factors together, you will find that the whole process becomes faster and easier, so you can order checks online with confidence.

Advantages of Ordering Checks Online

Using online check companies has many advantages. In addition to the obvious that you don’t have to go out to replenish your stock, you can also enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Cost savings

You pay half or less of the usual price of a bank check. In addition, the more often you make a purchase, the more you can save in most cases.

  1. Adjustment

When you order cheap checks online, you can really make them your own. Many customization options are available, from colors to images to fonts. Any method can make your check look different from standard bank checks, whether you’re using your own photographic work or printing your initials in a unique font on the front.

  1. Quantity

The check printer does not produce the same number of checks per box. 250 is a fairly standard amount, but some companies do offer more or fewer options per box. Check if you know what price to pay.

  1. Accessories and Supplies

If you can buy a checkbook attachment that matches your check and your personality, why choose a boring vanilla vinyl checkbook cover issued by a bank? Companies that order checks online usually sell a wide variety of other products, such as letterhead, address labels, and address stamps.

How to order a check

If you’re close to the last check and decide it’s time to replenish your inventory, you’ll find everything you need to order a new box of checks on your old check.

  • Checking account number is a long string of numbers that should be in the middle of the bottom of the check.
  • The bank’s routing number is usually located on the bottom left of the check or near the checking account.
  • The check number on the last check, so you know which number the new check should start with. You will usually find this number in the top right and bottom right corner of the checks.
  • In some states or online check printers, you may need to activate your account on the date. If you don’t remember or aren’t sure, you can find this information on the bank’s website.

It’s also a smart idea to double-check your order details before clicking the purchase button. Although the printer usually verifies your bank details before it is printed, it is not very useful to check the wrong account details.